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Case 65

Hematopathology Case



A 39-year-old Africa American male had a medical history of recurrent pericarditis, pleural effusion, hilar lymphadenopathy, hepatitis C and chronic renal failure. Recently he developed low fever and weight loss of 25 pounds. Image studies showed anterior pulmonary mass, and PET scan revealed multiple uptakes in the vertebral bone, proximal humerus, proximal femur, sacral ilium, and ribs. Biopsies from the pericardium and the pulmonary lymph node were negative. A bone marrow biopsy was performed.






HE, 2

HE, 4



HE, 20

HE, 40



HE, 40

HE, 40


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Source: Department of Pathology, Creighton University Medical Center, Omaha, NE