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Case 159 - Discussion

Hematopathology Case


Patient had a history of invasive lobular carcinoma of breast.


Metastatic Lobular Carcinoma of Breast

  • Interfollicular infiltration with preserved lymph node architecture

  • Desmoplasia may or may not be present

  • Tumor cells have round or slightly oval nuclei with open chromatin and a small nucleolus

  • Tumor cells may show intracytoplasmic lumen

  • Can be very difficult to diagnosis of metastatic lobular carcinoma in lymph node during frozen section; need to look closely into the subcapsular sinuses

  • For female with axillary lymphadenopathy, sometimes it is probably necessary to order pan-CK to rule out metastatic breast carcinoma after lymphoma has been ruled out, regardless of the clinical history