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Case 10 - Discussion

Surgical Pathology Case


Pilomatricoma / pilomatrixoma

  • Benign tumor of the skin of head and neck region

  • Usually found before the age of two

  • A slow growing tumor, made up of hair precursor cells, often calcified

  • Gross: stony-hard pea-sized lump under the skin, chalky section surface

  • Histology:

    • Pseudoencapsulated mass in deep subepiderms

    • Composed mainly of irregular islands of epithelial cells

    • Characteristic biphasic: keratinized ghost cells in the center, peripheral basaloid cells

    • Keratinized ghost cells: lack of nucleus with a central unstained area

    • Basaloid cells: deeply staining basophilic nuclei, often with small nucleoli

  • Surgically curative, do not recur