Case 105 - Discussion




CD30 CD30

Microscopic Description (PS)

Multiple sections of tumor, including sections demonstrating relationship of tumor to scrotal skin, are sampled. Sections reveal mixed germ cell tumor comprising of choriocarcinoma, embrynocarcinoma and mature teratoma. Areas of embryonal carcinoma show positivity for CD30, AE1/AE3 and PLAP immunostains. HCG immunostain is positive in choriocarcinomatous areas and also in some areas that are histologically akin to embryonal carcinoma. Focal AFP positivity is also identified. No definite yolk sac or seminoma component is identified on histology. Tumor involves rete testis. The tumor does not involve tunica albuginea or vaginalis in sampled areas. Several sections of epididymis, including a section at resection margin, do not show involvement by tumor.

  Mixed germ cell tumor (choriocarcinoma, embryonal carcinoma and mature teratoma)