About This Website


  About This Website

  • The purpose of this website is to share and self-educate.

  Sharing Your Cases Instead of Filing Them Into The Slide Cabinets

  • Good cases are invaluable and I will feel guilty if I don't share them with my colleagues.

  • Good cases and pictures are far better than the best description in the textbook.


  • The cases in this website are free to use for teaching purposes. If you need any images in the website for publication, please contact  me, and I may provide you original images with higher resolution.

  • Any images or data in this website that have been copied from other websites, journals, or books will be credited to the original sources.


  • No private information from the patients will be displayed in this website, including patients' name, social security number, medical record number, telephone number, and mailing / E-mail address. Only age, gender, and a brief clinical history are provided.

  • A good case presentation is impossible without team work. Many thanks to the faculty, fellows, and residents in the Department for sharing cases with me, to our pathology assistants for gross photographs, to our histology technicians for good quality glass slides, to our immunohistochemistry laboratory for beautiful stains, to our electron microscopy laboratory for ultrastructural analyses, and to the cytogenetic group for chromosome/gene tests.

  My Contact Information
  • I welcome your suggestions and comments.

Zenggang Pan, MD, PhD
Department of Pathology

University of Colorado Denver