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Case 36

Hematopathology Case



  58 year-old male, right axillary lymphadenopathy.  The peripheral blood smear revealed marked lymphocytosis with atypical morphology. Some lymphocytes have cleaved nuclei in variable sizes. Other lymphocytes show prolymphocytic morphology with larger nuclei and prominent nucleoli, accounting for about 8% of the total lymphocytes.



A lymph node from right axilla measures 3.0 2.5 0.5 cm.


HE, 4

HE, 10


HE, 10

HE, 20


HE, 40

HE, 40


HE, 40


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Source: Department of Pathology, Creighton University Medical Center, Omaha, NE

Photo: Zenggang Pan

Discussion: Zenggang Pan