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Case 88 - Discussion

Uploaded: 2009-09-23, Updated: 2009-09-23


Flow Cytometry Analysis of the Lymph node


          Total events analyzed =          A gate Bright CD45 positive

               22029                       events = 16572 (94% of total

                                           events analyzed)

          CD45+/CD14-                           98%

          CD19+/CD3-                            66%

          CD3+/CD19-                            34%

          Total CD20+                           55% (Dim) 

          CD19+/CD20+                           55%     

          CD19+/CD38+                           41%

          CD19+/CD10+                           <2%

          CD5+/CD19+                            66% 

          CD5+/CD19-                            31%

          CD19+/CD23+                           31%    

          CD19+/FMC7+                            3%

          CD2+/CD7+                             21%

          CD3+/CD5+                             33%

          CD3+/CD4+                             14%

          CD3+/CD8+                             15%

          CD3-/CD56+                            <2%

                     Gated on CD19+ cells

          CD19+/sIg/Kappa+                      97%(Dim)

          CD19+/sIg/Lambda+                      2%


Interpretation: Lymphocytes comprise 94% of total events analyzed with approximately 66% of the lymphoid population consisting of B-lymphocytes with the following immunophenotype: CD5, CD19, dim CD20, partial CD23, and dim surface kappa light chain positive. There is no expression of FMC-7 or CD10 in the neoplastic lymphoid population. The neoplastic lymphoid population comprises 66% of lymphoid cells and 61% of total gated intact CD45 positive events.  Approximately 40% of the CD5/CD19 positive cell population shows expression of CD38.