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Case 115 - Discussion

Uploaded: 2010-03-12, Updated: 2010-03-19



Toxoplasma Lymphadenitis

Typical morphologic changes: reactive follicles (center and right-upper), clusters of epithelioid cells impinging follicles (center), and patches of monocytoid cells (left-lower).

Toxoplasma antibody Toxoplasma antibody

Triad: Reactive follicles, clusters of epithelioid cells impinging follicles, and patches of monocytoid cells.

Discussion: this node shows prominent reactive lymphoid follicles. Multiple large granulomas with central necrosis are note, and they comprise predominantly histiocytes but no neutrophils. Many small clusters of histiocytes are present impinging or inside the follicles. There are focal clusters of monocytoid cells. No atypical cells are present in the lymph node.