Case 15 - Discussion

Uploaded: 2007-01-22, Updated: 2007-06-22

CMV, IPX, 20 CMV, IPX,, 40
CMV, IPX,, 60 CMV, IPX,, 40

CMV pneumonia.
- No fungi or mycobacteria are identified by PAS fungal and AFB stains.

  • In immunocompentent individuals, most CMV infections are mild and may produce a viral syndrome resembling infectious mononucleosis.

  • CMV is the most common infection in solid organ transplants, with over half of the patients showing evidence of active CMV infection.

  • The white cells of 5% of blood donors contain CMV, therefore infection by blood transfusion occurs in a large number (60%) of patients.

  • CMV can infect epithelial cells of the airways and alveoli, fibroblasts, macrophages and endothelial cells.  Typical intranuclear inclusion body shows a bull-eye appearance with a clear perinuclear halo.