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Case 273

Surgical Pathology Case


  A 40-year-old previously healthy female reported to her physician for recent onset of abnormal uterine bleeding. A physical examination revealed an enlarged uterus of approximately 16-week gestational size. An endometrial curettage revealed invasive adenocarcinoma with signet-ring cells features. A systemic workup revealed a primary appendiceal tumor with extensive involvement of the ileum, cecum, omentum, and uterus, including the cervix.
  Endometrium. HE, 20 Endometrium. HE, 20
  Endometrium. HE, 40  

Uterine cervix. HE, 2

Uterine cervix. HE, 10


Uterine cervix. HE, 20

Uterine cervix. HE, 40


Uterine cervix. HE, 40

Myometrium. HE, 40


Appendix. HE, 10

Appendix. HE, 20


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Source: Dr. Ronald Leonard. Cytocheck Laboratory, LLC. Parsons, Kansas 67357, USA

Department of Pathology, Creighton University Medical Center, Omaha, NE

Photo: Zenggang Pan

Discussion: Zenggang Pan