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Case 321 - Discussion

Uploaded: 2009-09-03, Updated: 2009-09-03

Poorly Differentiated Neoplasm

Discussion: The specimens consists of extensive tumor mass characterized by highly pleomorphic tumor cells.  Tumor cells are large with abundant pale eosinophilic cytoplasm without glandular or nest formation.  The nuclei are round, oval, or irregular with occasional prominent nucleoli.  Frequent atypical mitoses are identified and tumor necrosis is present.


Immunohistochemistry stainings:

     CKAE1/3     Focally positive

     Vimentin    Diffusely positive

     CK7         Focally positive      

     CK20        Focally positive.

     S-100       Negative

     Myogenin    Negative

     SMA         Negative

     CD34        Negative

     CD4         Negative

     CK8/18      Scantly positive

     EMA         Scantly positive

     CD4         Negative

     CD31        Negative

     Desmin      Negative

     MSA         Negative

     MART1       Negative

     HMB45       Negative