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Case 323

Surgical Pathology Case



A 70-year-old African American male recently admitted to the hospital for pneumonia.  Primary team was concerned for a pulmonary embolus so a CT scan of the chest and neck were obtained, which demonstrated a large mass in the right larynx.  A total larynegectomy was performed. 




The total larnynectomy measures 9.0 cm in length and 5.0 cm in diameter.  Upon opening the specimen reveals a 5.5 cm gray/tan tumor that is underneath the true vocal cord and the right aryepiglottis fold.  The tumor involves the entire circumference of the larynx and grossly invades into the cricoid cartilage.  The tumor is grossly within 0.2 cm of anterior soft tissue margin and 1.2 cm from the distal margin.



  Final diagnosis: moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma

Source: Department of Pathology, Creighton University Medical Center, Omaha, NE

Photo: Zenggang Pan

Discussion: Zenggang Pan