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Case 409 - Discussion

Uploaded: 2010-08-08, Updated: 2010-08-08


Focal nodular hyperplasia of Liver

  • Young females, not associated with OCPs or cirrhosis

  • Asymptomatic, incidental, no hemoperitoneum

  • Grossly: solitary, central scar, no cirrhosis, no capsule

  • Microscopic:

    • Normal-appearing hepatocytes in nodules, partly surrounded by fibrous bands

    • Bile ductures and thick-walled vessels in fibrous stroma

    • Chronic inflammation

    • Cholestasis, copper, cholate stasis

  • ER/PR-

  • DDX: Hepatic adenoma

    • Young females, associated with OCPs, steroids, diabetes

    • No central scar, risk of rupture and peritoneal hemorrhage

    • Uniform cells, maybe clear cell changes

    • Naked arteries or veins. No portal triads

    • ER+ PR+