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Case 423 - Discussion

Uploaded: 2010-09-05, Updated: 2010-09-05

Hepatic Adenoma

  • Young females, OCPs, steroids, DM

  • Solitary, well-circumscribed, no central scar

  • Risk of rupture and peritoneal hemorrhage

  • HE:

    • 1-2 cells thick, preserved reticulin pattern

    • Uniform cells, maybe clear cell changes

    • Naked arteries or veins. No portal triads

  • ER+. PR+. No CD34 capillarization (focal)

  • Very low risk of HCC

  • Mutation of HNF-1α

  • DDX: Well diff. HCC- pseudoglandular, mitoses, intranuclear cytoplasmic invaginations