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Case 435 - Discussion

Uploaded: 2010-10-10, Updated: 2010-10-10


Tubular Adenoma of Breast

  • Rare variant of fibroadenoma, young women

  • Histopathology:

    • Well-circumscribed, uniform tubules, back to back;

    • Two layers with inner luminal layer and outer myoepithelial layer;

    • Scant vascular or hyalinized stroma with scattered lymphocytes;

    • No atypia, no desmoplasia

  • DDX:

    • Tubular carcinoma: infiltrative border, angulated glands with single layer, desmoplastic stroma

    • Microglandular adenosis: poorly defined lesion, small round glands with single layer and luminal eosinophilic secretion, collagenized stroma