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Case 462 - Discussion

Uploaded: 2010-12-17, Updated: 2011-01-04


Cardiac Myxoma

  • Most common cardiac tumor, mostly adults

  • Sporadic: mostly female and left atrium

  • Familial: Carney syndrome, mostly male and right atrium; others a/w familial myxomatous syndrome or TS complex

  •  May cause embolism, obstruction, syncope, and sudden death

  • Gelatinous appearance grossly

  • Micro:

    • Plump, stellate/spindle, or columnar cells in cords

    • Primitive appearing vessels

    • Loose myxoid stroma, hemorrhage, hemosiderin, inflammatory cells

    • Rarely glands, extra-medullary hematopoiesis

  • CD34+, CD31+, Calretinin+, S100 variable