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Case 514 - Discussion

Uploaded: 2011-08-21, Updated: 2011-08-21


Spindle Cell Carcinoma of Larynx

  • M > F, 60-80 years old, mostly in larynx of upper respiratory tract

  • Typically located in anterior vocal cord (contact ulcer, posterior vocal cord)

  • A type of sarcomatoid squamous cell carcinoma with poor prognosis

  • Gross: exophytic, polypoid, or superficial invasion

  • HE: cellular, spindle/pleomorphic cells, mitoses frequent; may have osseous or cartilage component, and in this case, need to search for component of squamous cell carcinoma and overlying squamous dysplasia (in situ)

  • Cytokeratin +/-
  • DDX: reactive spindle cell proliferation, spindle cell sarcoma (rarely at this site), or except well-differentiated chondrosarcoma